Corporess - Anna Martella

Anna Martella

Born in Zurich in 1966, Anna Martella began her career in 1994, as Financial Director of Jacob Weil Corporate Wear AG. Since 2015, after over twenty years at Weil AG, Anna is the Financial Director and a management member of Corporess, Weil’s “heir”.

«The trust relationship developed over the years with customers and suppliers is very important to me and our customers appreciate this fidelity as well. The members of our team steadfastly pursue the same objectives. Corporess is the result of our common motivational drive.»

Corporess - Pino Vastano

Pino Vastano

Born in Bern in 1980, trained as a commercial employee, Pino honed his expertise in sales and purchasing at MODEMA AG, an industrial tailoring company, until 2003; he served as Procurement Director at the Swisstex Tailoring until 2005, and then as Director at Accessories & Services AG until 2011. Pino Vastano joined Jacob Weil Corporate Wear AG in 2011 as Sales Director, eventually founding Corporess AG in 2015.

«My business has become my family. Customers, suppliers, partners and employees must all feel good here with us. The Corporess team is structured as a good football team: we have the right man and the right woman for each position. My motto is: success is made of right decisions!»

Corporess - Emre Demirezen

Emre Demirezen

Key Account Manager

Corporess - Fabio Carneiro

Fabio Carneiro


Corporess - Firat Sekmen

Firat Sekmen

Key Account Manager

Corporess - Hussein Abdulrahim

Hussein Abdulrahim


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